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  • 软件大小: 0.30MB
  • 最新版本: 1.1.04
  • 文件格式: apk
  • 应用分类: 其他
  • 使用语言: 日文
  • 网络支持:
  • 系统要求: 2.3以上
  • 开发者: OperaHouse Corporation
■ Game explanation
It is an application of " Kaseifusan! " which is an extremely popular cell phone novel .
It meets five original Handsomeness guys, and loves.
There is a girl in the men's dormitory of Handsomeness guys.
It is an appearance at an application for smart phone & tablets!!
The application is a dating simulation game for women and it’s romantic comedy in school of reverse harem.
Formation of a full voice by extremely popular voice actors!
Enjoy a sweet- love in this application!

■ Outline
The heroine of the twelfth grade student who lives with an elder brother.
One day, its house is suddenly lost in a fire.
The heroine live-in as a student & housemother of the Fujisaki school.
That Is a school where an uncle acts as a chairman of the board of directors.
However, that is men's dormitory full of Handsomeness guys with a problem!! ??.

■ Character introduction
・渡辺仁/Jin Watanabe CV:岸尾だいすけ/Daisuke Kishio
He act as the president of student government of a school.” Golden selfish lion”.
・五十嵐千春/Chiharu Igarashi CV:代永翼/Tsubasa Yonaga
He is the mascot existence of a school and is a student council vice president.
“Silver devilkin rabbit”.
・新山太一/Taichi Niiyama CV:鈴木達央/Tatsuhisa Suzuki
Although he is quick-tempered but character single-minded at a bashful type.
“Red stupid monkey”.
・加藤嵐士/Arashi Kato CV:柿原徹也/Tetsuya Kakihara
He likes girl very much and he is a student council secretary.
“Brown erotic dog”
・源田敦/Atsushi Genda CV:津田健次郎/Kenjiro Tsuda
He is the kendo division manager and student council accounts.
“Black silent bear”

■ Hardware requirement
Android 2.3 or more Android(s)

■ Official site

■ Support
2014/6/19(ver.1.1.04)・魔法のiランドのリンク変更2014/2/3(ver.1.1.03)・ショートストーリーを追加2014/1/28(ver.1.1.02)・SD認識障害時にSDフォルダの選択機能を追加2014/1/8(ver.1.1.01)・OSアップデートによる障害への対応2013/12/24(ver.1.1.00)・ショートストーリーを追加2013/10/21(ver.1.0.07)・ショートストーリーを追加2013/10/4(ver.1.0.06)・不具合修正※初回起動時の障害修正 等2013/10/2 (ver.1.0.05)・タイトル画面曲の変更・不具合修正2013/9/24 (ver.1.0.04)・起動画面へのバージョン番号の表示・不具合修正※同一ファイルの重複ダウンロード対処 等2013/8/27 (ver.1.0.03)・ストーリー購入画面変更・不具合修正※アプリ更新時の通知 等2013/8/19 (ver.1.0.02)・不具合修正※課金処理の改善 等