BORUTIMATE: Ninja Storm Tournament

BORUTIMATE: Ninja Storm Tournament

版本 1.3
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  • 最新版本: 1.3
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In the second BORUTIMATE games, you will fighting in Ninja Storm Tournament Battles accel across the story of the shinobi in the movie!

Bolt ninja must fight blazing storm of superheroes and complete missions using the all-new shinobi martial arts battle system: an action fighting system that unleashes storm 4 combination attacks with your allies. Master narutimeta skills, discover new ninjutsu, genjutsu, or kung fu and become the next Hokage in the first-ever voltage Ultimate Ninja fighting games!

BORUTIMATE SHIPUDEN: Ninja Storm Tournament Features:

War with your Striker Shinobi Team!
• Control over 100 BORUTIMATE heroes, each with their own unique attacks and tactics.
• Fight enemies using ninjutsu, powerful special techniques and road to combination attacks.
• Unleash ninjutsu abilities for powerful boruto strikes, defensive abilities that can clash enemy accel path, and more borutage saga.

Mission Mode Based On the next generation Anime Storyline!
• Mission Mode allows you to relive the adventure of the BORUTIMATE hero of konoha.
• Battle through destiny from the road to boturo anime.

Voltage Ninja Impact Skills and Powerful Attacks!
• Fighting skills include taijutsu, chidori, raikiri and rasengan combination attacks for massive impact damage.
• Ninja storm blazing with naturo to boturo skills can turn the tide of battle in your road to evolution.
• Fighting closely with your nsuns team allows for great combo, use your sharingan with kunai and ten shuriken striker.
• We update the list of special moves such as bomb oruto rasengan, chidori, borutox stream, ninja voltages, etc.

Fight Ninja blazing from Around the World in Borutomate Online Multiplayer Games!
• Battle against borut on accel hero in multiplayer mode revolution.
• Join together and take on storm 4 missions with up to 3 other shinobi strike.
• Play this extreme 3d fighting games offline or online.
• Huge konoha nsuns4 heroes selection: Bolt uzumaki, Uchiha, Sarada, Sasuke, Mitsuki, Darui, Iwabee, Hokage, Chojuro, Metal Lee, Gaara, Shippuden, Kinshiki, Momoshiki, etc.
• Download this 3D android fighting games for FREE!


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