Paradise City Island Sim

Paradise City Island Sim

版本 2.0.6
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  • 软件大小: 60.07MB
  • 最新版本: 2.0.6
  • 文件格式: apk
  • 应用分类: 系统工具
  • 使用语言: 英文或其他
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  • 系统要求: 4.1以上
Free city building game: design your own dream city!Looking for a (freeplay) city building game with awesome graphics? The Paradise City Island Sim game is the best tropic escape for you! Your goal is to build a beautiful megapolis, just starting with some farm land on an exotic island. Build it your way!The Paradise City Island Bay city builder game is a free building game that makes you feel like a mayor of a town. This game is playable offline and online so you can always play this amazing city building game. Paradise City Island SimThis game is developed by Sparkling Society, well known for its other city building games such as the City Island sims played by over 50 million players worldwide. When starting Paradise City Island Bay you will start small on an empty island and step by step from a simple township, to a village you will build your own amazing virtual city and eventually a megapolis. There are different kinds of islands with their own surfaces like a snow, desert, wood, and so on. It is very important to keep your townsmen happy. When your citizens aren't happy, you will not get the 100% profits of the commercial buildings. - Online & Offline playable- Your virtual tropic escape- This building game is playable for all ages / families.- Build your own paradise city- 9 different paradise island and 200+ buildings to unlock- Awesome graphics - Expand your town along the paradise bay and beaches- Free fun for all ages


Tweaked and polished bits and pieces to make them shine.

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A new ongoing reward has been added: Complete all three daily challenges in 24h and get a reward!


Small bugfix. You probably missed it, but we fixed it anyway ;-)


Save a backup of your game

Daily rewards!


Some tweaks and enhancements to let the game run smoother on your device
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