JurassicCraft Survive & Craft

JurassicCraft Survive & Craft

版本 4.1.6
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Jurassic Craft is an exciting adventure with prehistoric reptiles in the cubic universe!Jurassic craft is a free sandbox game. It is craft world with daytime and weather change, many different blocks, tools and weapons.Imagine, you are in the Jurassic Park, swarmed with prehistoric wild animals. There are herbivorous and carnivore dinosaurs like Spinosaurus, Therizinosaurus, Nanuqsaurus, Kentrosaurus, and many other. Jurassic craft is Free 2 Play dinosaur game world, consisted of 3d - generated biomes. Jurassic craft lets you explore an ancient world full of dinosaurs. You will find different dinosaurs all over the Jurassic craft world. Most of the creatures in the world are reptiles, but there are also many other beings, tied to their special area.You can be a visitor who is looking for giant reptiles, constructing beautiful buildings in the Creative mode or fight against dinosaurs and other enemies, craft weapons, tools, armor and many other things in the Survival mode.If you want to take more advantage of this experience, change difficulty level and other options in the game Settings.Features:- Craft different items, weapons and armor.- Many types of construction blocks.- Face many different dinosaurs.- Be survival and creative in dangerous conditions.- Change daytime- Play from first and third person viewHave fun, enjoy the game.

What’s new in 4.1:

- Egg Wars - an exciting team fight multiplayer mode. Defend an egg of your team and destroy the eggs of other teams.

- Build and destroy together with your friends and have fun in the beta-version of multiplayer!

- Now it’s possible to block a chat in the options.

- Сustom items can be deleted directly in the custom items tab.

- Now a player can hide buttons of blueprints, options etc. on the screen.
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