World of Empires 2

World of Empires 2

版本 1.15
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  • 软件大小: 78.80MB
  • 最新版本: 1.15
  • 文件格式: apk
  • 应用分类: 策略游戏
  • 使用语言: 中文
  • 网络支持:
  • 系统要求: 4.4以上
  • 开发者: Bruno Fargnoli
World of Empires 2.

This new version comes with a new engine, new UI, improved animations, improved AI and many new features.

▸New UI
UI has been completely redesigned to provide you a better experience

▸New AI
AI has been completely rewritten and is much more faster.

▸Create Armies
Combine units to make powerful armies

▸Local Multiplayer
You can play a multiplayer party on the same device

▸Online Parties
Sign up with your email, chat and play with anyone in the world

▸Future units and technologies
Create cyborgs and drones, use future weapons and protect your cities with Energy Shield

Enhance your units

▸Dominate oceans
Build cities on ocean and move them.

▸New Map Editor
Place your resources, rivers and starting points for the civilizations.

▸New World Generator
Change how the world looks like, with Terraforming.

▸Low Poly or Textured
You can choose to play with low poly troops or textured.

▸Pay the game as you wish
It's free but contains rewarded videos and you can pay the game like you wish

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An OpenGL ES 3 device is required and at least 1.5GB free RAM is required to play on a big map.

Access on local storage: it is used to save temporary files and your saved games. The game never accesses your pictures and videos.

Feel free to send me your suggestions.

Thank you
- Auto Save : Choose which turn
- Start Era
- Resources rarity

- AI Diplomacy : Ally request
- Game crashes because of the Caravans, when taking a city or destroying a city and when loading a party

Next Release: Moon Exploration, keep in touch


  • 。。。_178 1个月前
    这款游戏名叫我的文明2,是我的文明的第2个版本,将国家选择换成了领袖选择,部分翻译还没完。这次采用了更高画质,部分科技也有了特殊帮助,现在的海军更科学。 科技也多了制作者似乎已经放弃了太空,因为太空很难做但是多了很多战争未来科技
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