Japanese Kanji Study

Japanese Kanji Study

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Japanese Kanji Study是一款学习日文的工具,通过简单有效的练习来学习日本汉字。每个汉字都提供了生动有趣的例子和图像以达到学习目的。

Kanji Study is my ongoing project that attempts to be a simple yet powerful application for learning Japanese kanji. With a focus on JLPT kanji, the app allows you to split groups of kanji into smaller manageable sets for flashcard-style drilling and adaptive quizzing. Each kanji offers a wealth of carefully selected examples and challenging draw practice.So what does the app currently support? Powerful search for over 6000 kanji using one text field • Combine stroke count with text and/or radicals for a quick lookup • Custom radical keyboard sorts radicals by occurrence and displays resulting kanji count • Stroke count and JLPT level selection dialogs also show resulting kanji counts based on current criteria • All search criteria is accurately highlighted in the results Detailed information for each kanji • Kanji radicals are broken down and highlighted within the kanji • Navigate to kanji used in examples and see your breadcrumbs in the header • Thousands of carefully selected vocab and example sentences that grow in difficulty with each JLPT level Adaptive quiz mode • Distractors are intelligently selected based on radicals and other factors • Mistakes and response times are used to improve the quizzes Flashcard-style drilling • Customize kanji set sizes to focus on small groups of kanji at a time • Kanji is rendered naturally using SVG data and not a computer font • Kanji can be tagged and later filtered to focus on difficult kanji Supports backing up with google driveFree version- Unrestricted search and full study for beginner kanji, radicals, hiragana and katakana.Upgraded version- All features with full access to all JLPT kanji. Superior to every other kanji app. This is the kanji app you're looking for. The UI is smooth, clean, and sensible. Functionality wise it is rich with features wrapped in a robust system of easily studying, organizing, and understanding kanji. A notable highlight is the writing practice as the app recognizes stroke direction, and corrects you according to the kanji. Brilliant. I have tried a lot of apps for Kanji study, but this one is the best. Easy to use and very complete. You go from radical to Kanji and back, and you see exactly how you got there. Thank you very much. Very clean and smart design. Rapid choice quizzes are both enjoyable and intensive, with a clear focus for serious studying, unlike many other apps that either ugly or made for idiots. You will love this app. I love how you can identify the radicals so easily with this app. Good design and easy to use Exactly what I needed. Easily the best app I've used for remembering Kanji, and the only app I've used that was good enough to warrant me buying the full version. Perfect. Seriously one of the best kanji apps!!! So many little touches which all together make this a truly impressive achievement. Truly Amazing. The best Kanji learning app you can get in Play Store with nice interface/design, It also has drawing challenge which I really like most from this great app. Excellent! Amazing app for learning kanji. It has dictionary entries for each item that even lets you see a breakdown of a kanji's radicals as well as common words and sentences. This is all wrapped up in a beautiful and engaging UI that motivates the user to keep learning everyday. This app is the most pleasurable study app I've found. The attention to detail in the interface is commendable, and forced me to purchase it because the other apps don't compare. I've used other apps for Japanese study, but none of them have had variety, innovation, AND active developers/frequent updates. Thank you for a great all around app! Props to the author. This app is sleek, well thought and definitely awesome to learn Japanese writing. It definitely deserves the money of the upgrade.

- Added index search, kic{index}, for Kanji in Context sequence

- Updated kanji info screen to show words and names by default

- Fixed several small UI issues and bugs

- Updated localizations (and added Marathi)
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