TacticalLeader - 回合制戰略遊戲

TacticalLeader - 回合制戰略遊戲

版本 1.0.11770
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  • 最新版本: 1.0.11770
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  • 应用分类: 策略游戏
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回合制戰略遊戲 PvP Game
Build your own Team with 'Every Character' In the world until now!!
And do battle with other players in the every country!!
Who's team will be the best?

★Tactical Leader now on CBT★

Anyone who want to play can participate on CBT.
CBT Player can get special Reward when Tactical Leader starts official launching.

[CBT Special Reward]
- Achive Account Level 3 : 2 Free Character ticket
- Achive Account Level 5 : Special Leader(HQ) 'Groo' & 'Song-i'

CBT will last until offiicial launching.
because We want communicate with players in every second :)


■ You can Build your own team literally.
SF, Fantasy, Military, Medival...
Every character will appear on the game and that character use their own special skills.
Use them and become the best leader of them.

■ Strategic battle on a tileset battlefield
Summon your Character on the field and attack your apponent!!
What Character will be Summoned in this turn?
Predict your Apponent's strategy and beat him!!

■ 'New format' Skill - Strategy Game
Each characters in this game have their own skill.
Such as
Building wall, Bouncing other units with steel spring and even cloning itself.
Besides, a lot of UNIQUE skills waits you.
Use them and Complete your own strategy.

■ Closing service? Nop.
If there are only one user who consistently play our game, we promise you players to service our game permanently.
we uses cloud computing technology, so our service maintaining cost is proportionally low.

■ Don't worry about Message such as "READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE , WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE"
we Require this authority just for gamedata saving or loading.

*homepage for Tactical Leader:

minimum specification of your phone : Galaxy S2
Update New 6 Card.Update New 1 Map.Update Friend system.Update Friendly Match.Update Event.Update Begginer Puzzle.Season initialization and compensation