Pixel Art paint Pro

Pixel Art paint Pro


版本 3.4.1
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  • 软件大小: 3.24MB
  • 最新版本: 3.4.1
  • 文件格式: apk
  • 应用分类: 拍摄美化
  • 使用语言: 中文
  • 网络支持: 无需联网
  • 系统要求: 4.2以上
'Pixel Art paint pro'是一款优秀而简单的像素编辑器

'Pixel Art paint pro'直观,简单,易于绘制像素,点,8bit pic精灵


无论何时何地,您都可以在公共汽车,学校,工作场所享受'Pixel Art paint pro'的美好时光。

立即下载此应用程序,请尝试使用'Pixel Art paint pro'的酷炫功能

让我们通过Twitter或Instagram分享您的Pixel Art!


• 撤销重做

→存储路径> PixelArtPaintPro / png

→打开照片并以像素为单位进行编辑。 (像素转换器)










• 镜子




• 刷子大小




三星Galaxy Note S-Pen







Try to become a Pixel Artist
‘Pixel Art paint pro’ is a great and simple pixel editor.

‘Pixel Art paint pro’ is intuitive, simple and easy to draw pixel, dot, 8bit pic sprite.

Let's drawing an pixel, dot, 8bit, retro pic sprite easily and quickly

Enjoy nice time in ‘Pixel Art paint pro’ in bus, at school, in the workplace anywhere, anytime.
You'll also become a pixel, dot, 8bit pic artist.

Download this app now and please try to use the cool features of ‘Pixel Art paint pro’

You can be easily shared with SNS services.
Let's share your Pixel Art to everyone via Twitter or Instagram!
You can share as possible in all apps (e-mail or other SNS).

• Drawing shapes
line, rectangle, ellipse and etc.

• Undo / Redo

• Save to PNG format image (Sprite)
→ Storage path> PixelArtPaintPro / png

• Import image from Gallery
→ Bring up a photo and edit it in pixels. (pixel converter)

• Color wheel

• Edit Palette
→ change a color from palette by using the eyedropper (spoide), HSV, RGB
(To edit the palette color, click long the corresponding color!)

• Load Palette
→ load a custom palette, not only at starting a new work
→ If you change the palette while drawing an 16, 256 color image, and the pixels that have already been drawn change accordingly.

• Eyedropper (Spoide)

• Color blending brush (Opacity)

• Zoom In/Out

• Preview (Mini view)

• 8 ~ 600 pixel image size

• Grid on/off (Grid drawing)

• Mirror

• Share via Twitter, Instagram, etc...

• Paint Bucket (fill color)

• Flip Horizontal and Vertical

• Brush size

• Crop

• Working image will be auto-saved when you go over the background

• Enable to change background color (from version 2.0.1)

• Samsung Galaxy Note S-Pen

[Pro-pack Features]
→ Animation & Export to GIF
→ Project Management
(Click 'Long' on a project folder to open the menu)
(On the top screen, click 'Long' on a image to open the menu)
→ Layers : merge, move, erase
→ Save Palettes

→ Resize when you save PNG
(Unlimited size, but maximum size depends on device memory)
→ Resize image
→ Resize canvas
→ Copy and Paste

→ No AD


Our pixel editor will be constantly updated.
We are currently working on adding ‘Layer’ functionality.
We are trying to make a perfect pixel editor.

Please let us know if there are additional functions or any problems.
与Android 11相关的错误已被修复。

Bugs related to Android 11 have been fixed.
  • 卑者71号 2020-02-23