1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder, Retro Camera Eff

1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder, Retro Camera Eff


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1984 Cam是VHS摄像机风格的视频效果发生器应用程序,它可以制作看起来像30年前由老式VHS摄像机录制的真实复古录像带的视频。


借助1984 Cam-VHS摄录一体机,您可以将屏幕上的日期更改为20世纪80年代的老玩家,欺骗您的朋友,添加华丽的自定义标题,使用许多故障艺术效果出现故障,使用变焦镜头进行放大以进行对焦在惊人的时刻!

- 录制VHS风格视频
- 从图库导入视频以添加VHS效果
- 风景捕捉模式
- 放大,缩小就像旧的摄像机一样
- 黑白模式
- 仅红色,绿色,蓝色模式
- 易于保存和分享

◇1984 Cam - VHS摄像机是2019年评级最高的免费相机应用程序,用于制作复古的复古家庭电影,闪烁的自定义标题和故障看起来像是在旧相机上拍摄的,这是20世纪80年代首款VHS录音机。

◇1984 Cam - VHS摄像机可以导入您在画廊或视频应用中的现有视频,添加文本到视频,故障艺术效果,日期时间,VHS效果和过滤器,导出到视频,使其像在VHS磁带年录制一样前。

立即下载1984 Cam! 2019年最好的VHS摄像机和VHS摄像机效果应用程序仅供您使用。

1984 Cam is a VHS Camcorder style video effects generator app, it’ll make videos that look and sound like real retro videotapes recorded 30 years before by a vintage VHS Camcorder.

VHS cassette, the 8 mm video format, is introduced in 1984. That makes camcorder available for the consumer. Prior to the camcorder, a portable recorder and camera would be required.

With 1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder, you can change the on-screen date to old-time 1980s to trick your friends, add flashy custom titles, glitch the picture with many glitch art effects, zoom in an out with the zoom lens to focus on amazing moments!

- Record VHS style video
- Import video from gallery to add VHS Effects
- Landscape capture mode
- Zoom in, zoom out just like an old camcorder
- Black & white mode
- Red, Green, Blue only mode
- Easy to save & share

Your trendy movie maker of 2019
◇ 1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder is the top-rated free camera app of 2019 to make retro-looking, vintage home movies with flashing custom title and glitches that look like they were taken on old cameras, those very first VHS tape recorders in the 1980s.

◇ 1984 Cam – VHS Camcorder can import your existing videos in the gallery or video apps, add text to video, glitch art effects, date-time, VHS effects and filters, export to video to make like it’s been recorded in a VHS tape years ago.
◇ Share videos you shot with VHS Camcorder to other video apps and social networks like Youtube, Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter.

Download 1984 Cam now! The best VHS Camcorder and VHS camera effect app in 2019 only for you.
Record videos, make it cool with old 80s and 90s-themed and share with your friends!
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