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Love Live Wallpaper Lite

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In this Love Live Wallpaper you can see the love cycle, in the first phase small hearts swim up until once exploits in small light particles. This particles come together to form a live 3d big heart with lot of spirals around that is pierced by an arrow. The arrow cleans the big heart of spirals and form beautiful messages (that you can customize) inside the big heart. When all messages ar showed, big heart explode in hundreds of particles and the cycle begins again!

Full version principal features:
Customizable countdown: you can add your custom date to never forget it.
Custom message: write a custom message to surprise your love.
Select your favorite color
Control the time of the scenes.

This Live Wallpaper is perfect for Valentine's day, you can write a custom message to surprise your love: write your love name alone or with your name, write a custom message, like "you set my soul alight" to surprise your love. A explosion of plankton will form your message with full color with a original manner.

You can use this Live wallpaper to see a countdown for Saint Valentines day or you can configure a custom countdown to control your anniversary, your love birthday, etc.

Home/Menu/Wallpaper/Live Wallpaper-> select Love Hearts Live Wallpaper

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