Guitar Solo HD - 电吉他

Guitar Solo HD - 电吉他

版本 2.8
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  • 软件大小: 7.08MB
  • 最新版本: 2.8
  • 文件格式: apk
  • 应用分类: 音乐游戏
  • 使用语言: 中文
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  • 系统要求: 4.0.3以上
Enjoy and play the best free guitar game on Android. This real 6 strings simulator has studio sound and it includes all the features you expect from a virtual guitar. Suitable from experts to beginners, you will find a easy use tool to learn your scales, notes and chords on a beautiful fretboard. Beginners will learn the basics of playing the guitar, while the musicians will have a perfect tool to learn new scales or composing anywhere. It can be the ideal complement for Drum Solo HD, to improvise an small band full of rhythm.Features:- 3 modes to learn to play guitar music: Solo mode, Scale mode and Chord mode- A lot of songs to learn to play the guitar, with demos of some musical styles, as flamenco, rock, heavy metal, blues, jazz, arpeggios...- Thanks to its unique control, you can record your session tracks and show it to your friends later- Tap frets on the fretboard to play simple notes, complete scales or chords- HD interface. You can choose the guitar layout you like- Pack of real sounds recorded with studio quality and some multi effect units, using acoustic, classical and electrical guitar sounds, with reverb, compression/sustain and delay effects. The output of the multi effect units have then passed through a high gain valve amplifier- Perfect for jamming, you can use it also as a tuner- Thanks to its chords notation, you can play all the tabs you want. Use it as an accompaniment tool- Short delay (note: depending on your device memory and speed)- Available in English, Spanish and PortugueseYou will find Guitar Solo HD an intuitive and useful tool to learn accompaniment chords, scales, play with your friends, make your jam sessions just using your cell phone or tablet. With its great design, you will feel like a genuine guitar player only with your fingers, as it was a guitar pick. Experience the most advanced techniques without the need of an amp.-享受和Android上发挥最好的免费游戏吉他。这种真正的6串模拟器有工作室的声音,它包含了所有你从一个虚拟的吉他期望的功能。适合从专家到初学者,你会发现一个容易使用的工具来了解一个美丽的指板的尺度,笔记和和弦。初学者将学习弹吉他的基本知识,而音乐家将不得不学习新的尺度或任何地方组成一个完美的工具。它可以是理想的补充的鼓独奏HD,即兴的小乐队富有节奏感。产品特点:- 3种模式来学习弹吉他音乐:独奏模式,缩放模式和和弦模式- 很多歌要学会弹吉他,有一些音乐风格的演示,如弗拉门戈,摇滚,重金属,蓝调,爵士,琶音...- 由于其独特的控制,你可以记录你的会话跟踪和它再告诉给你的朋友- 在指板上音品轻按玩简单的笔记,完整的鳞片或和弦- 高清接口。您可以选择吉他布局你喜欢记录与录音室品质和一些多效的单位,利用声,古典吉他电声真实的声音,混响,压缩/维持和延缓作用包 - 。的多效果器的输出都然后通过高增益放大器阀通过- 完美的干扰,你可以用它也可以作为一个调谐器- 由于它的和弦符号,你可以玩所有你想要的标签。用它作为伴奏工具- 短延时(注:根据您的设​​备内存和速度上)- 可在英语,西班牙语和葡萄牙语你会发现吉他独奏高清直观的和有用的工具来学习伴奏和弦,音阶,发挥你的朋友,只是用你的手机或平板电脑让你的即兴演奏会。凭借其出色的设计,你会觉得自己像一个真正的吉他手只用手指,因为它是一个吉他选择。体验最先进的技术,无需放大器的需要。

- New pulished design for all guitars. New animations, new strings.

- New UI more attractive

- Now it is easier to browse your sessions and demos.

- Bugs fixed